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Out of the Fire review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Evan Nichols likes his nice uiet life in Boston An established and respected Dom in the BDSM scene he isn't looking for a sub a slave or a 247 relationship Then a phone call from his best friend and fellow Dom Rhys Calhoun shakes up his comfortable routine Rhys needs Evan's help to rehabilitate an abused sub a sub Rhy. 35 Stars If you follow my reviews then you know that I am deeply fascinated by the BDSM world I am not interested in it for myself but I love reading about people in it learning about it and finding love within its freedoms The description for Out of the Fire had me hooked practically from the beginning The idea of an abused tortured sub two Doms and all the psychological aspects of what would be needed to get Takoda back to healthy so to speak definitely spoke to my inner need to protect and tend to the wounded I was very interested in seeing what the author would do with these three menEvan and Rhys have been best friends since they were two and have shared everything throughout their lives They discovered they both liked boys at the same time that they were both dominant they shared a dorm room in college cruised bars together explored their BDSM leanings and learned about the lifestyle together So I wasn t surprised that Evan who has never wanted his own sub would find himself falling for Takoda He has loved Rhys for as long as he can remember although both agree that they would not do well in a relationship with just the two of them It was truly beautiful to watch the friendship the love between Rhys and Evan Neither has ever submitted to anyone else besides one another as the absolute trust reuired to do so is something they only have with each otherI found the directions the author went in to be very interesting Based on the blurb I had initially believed a form of m nage would occur with issues and conflicts being resolved over time but everyone ending with a happy ever after To some degree this sort of happened as I believe it s impossible to have the level of intimacy reuired in a session not affect the emotions of the parties involved What I didn t expect however was to see that by helping Rhys and Takoda find their way Evan was able to see what has been missing from his own life and start making strides toward his future happiness at home Out of the Fire is definitely not your typical BDSM novel I liked all of the characters and I certainly appreciated the main premise of the plot However there were times that I struggled with the reality of certain occurrences Regardless this was a very entertaining read and it certainly presented some different concepts and ideas that I had not seen up until now

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Out of the Fire review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N the sexual attraction that's always simmered between Evan and Rhys and it's a situation that has the potential to go very very wrong Determined to heal both Takoda and Rhys Evan doesn't realize how many assumptions about his own life will be called into uestion as he tries to help them find their way forward togethe. I m not sure how to really rate this book It was just not for me I don t read BDSM much and this was uite BDSM heavy with a lot of background and discussion outside of the scenes I also don t like things heavy on the angst and there was a bit of that here In addition the book was bit confusing In the beginning it almost felt like a menage was going to happen between Rhys Takoda and Evan Then it became clear that view spoilerRhys and Takoda were to be a couple but the story was told from Evan s POV so what was going to happen to him His love interest became almost an afterthought In the end I did like Evan s partner but the storyline was convoluted hide spoiler

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Out of the Fire review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S has fallen in love with Evan has misgivings but he could never say no to Rhys any than Rhys would ever refuse to help him Before he knows it Evan finds himself at Rhys's home in Las Vegas with a sub who can barely stand to be in the same room with him and a Dom whose emotional involvement threatens his control Add i. This book for me is not a true menage The blurb sort of suggest that s the way it s going to be but that s not the case at all There is no romance between the MCs at all The story is told from Dom Evans POV and essentially he is helping his best friend Dom Rhys come to terms with what happened to the man he loves but hasn t claimed I personally didn t connect with the story at all but it was a good story if a bit of this is how real BDSM is I think if you were interested in the lifestyle this would be a great book for that As a romance this book IMO missed the mark big time Was in the mood for a menage and this was definitely not it