PDF Big Mouth

  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • Big Mouth
  • Deborah Halverson
  • English
  • 10 April 2018
  • 9780385733946

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Deborah Halverson ☆ 9 Free read Free read ¼ Big Mouth 109 S biggest shake up of all news that the 53 12 record holder is an itty bitty 130 pound guy So Shermie vows to lose his restrictive Fat Belt the only way he knows how with the help of Gardo a weight cutting fanatic determined to turn Big Shermie into a lean mean eating machine From the Trade Paperback edition. I was interested in this book the moment I saw the cover I could see already that it is about food because of it and that is what impressed me because just looking at the title and the cover I know what it is about One part of the book I remember was when the main character Shermie and his friend Gardo had an eating contest and Shermie won because he has been trying to be a professional eating machine What he didn t have was a clue about what he d just gotten himself into Attitude wouldn t beat natural talentHalverson 107 This book shows how dreams can come true if you just keep practicing and practicing and take a chance to be confident

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Big Mouth

Deborah Halverson ☆ 9 Free read Free read ¼ Big Mouth 109 FOURTEEN YEAR OLD SHERMIE THUFF is a Big Guy with a Big Dream to become the most famous competitive eater in the world But every big dream has to start somewhere and Shermie’s determined to start his in the spotlight If he can take first place in Nathan’s World Famous International hot dog eating compet. I adore this book it s very close to my heart because it s so funny and the descriptions of food are incredible The relationships are sweet and I feel so much love for the characters I was annoyed by the whole lack of romance bit but I suppose that wasn t the main focus Also I do not believe the book did a great job on bringing awareness to what a huge issue eating disorders can be for boys because of the route it took it was too funny and too cute of a book for the real horror of eating disorders to be impactful although it is a beautiful gesture on the author s part nonetheless

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Deborah Halverson ☆ 9 Free read Free read ¼ Big Mouth 109 Ition fame will be his The catch The current record is 53 12 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes Shermie’s personal best Seven Clearly Shermie has some training to do Only no matter how hard he tries he can’t get past nine measly wieners Then just when Shermie’s about to crack under the pressure he gets hi. Bullies body issues and disordered eating neatly hidden behind middle school guy humor and sports IOW an excellent choice for the 8th grade summer reading book IF ONLY IT WERE STILL IN PRINT GOD DAMMITAnd now that I m finished yeah this would have been perfect if only it met the criteria of BEING AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE There s a mostly unrealistic scene at the end with the bully view spoilerthe main character stands up to him and his friends stand with him and other kids start standing with him as well until half the cafeteria tells the bully to pound sand hide spoiler