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Starcraft Characters  2 Review Starcraft E pasado y por adaptarse a su nueva vida de cadete en la Academia de Fantasmas Junto a otros reclutas Nova deberá llevar a cabo ejercicios físicos y psíuicos brutales al tiempo ue le dan un giro nuevo a sus poderes telepáticos y teleuinéticos únicos para ue sirva al Domini. I think this is a great read and look forward to reading I love the character interaction and the story flows nice and cleanly without too much explanation to bulk it down I was however highly amused by some of the character designs for example the boobs on practically all the females were very unrealistic I had to laughHighly enjoyable action packed sci fi manga

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Starcraft Characters  2 Review Starcraft Lentos únicos y mortíferos la Academia de FantasmasEl funcionamiento interno de esta institución misteriosa ha estado siempre rodeado de rus y de especulaciones temerosas hasta ahora Acompaña a Nova una psiónica potente mientras lucha por olvidar los recuerdos de su terribl. Before I review this book I have to mention that I m no expert on comics or manga I read things because they sound cool and I review them based on the artwork and the storyline Secondly I ve never played StarCraft and didn t realise this was a media tie in until after I bought it Try not to headdesk too much gamersDespite my inexperience with manga the first thing I noticed was that this doesn t look like a manga at all The artwork is like a comic with hints of traditional manga style in the characters hair and facial expressions The content is also much dense than a manga each page is crammed with meaningful uber detailed panels and there aren t 50 pages of pointless motorbike riding cough Biomega cough It s basically a comic bound and sold as a manga I enjoyed the artwork as a whole but took issue with the way female characters were drawn basically they all had gigantic boobs I couldn t take Nova and Kath seriously it really detracted from their badassery Seeing young Delta with a large ish chest was just plain disturbing I feel so awkward when female characters are drawn this way it s like I m looking in on some teenage boy s wet dream While reading I noticed there were a lot of gaps in the mythology and I just assumed it was because I hadn t played the game It s not until the last page that the author mentions a previous book and even then I had to look online to see where this fits in the series There needs to be some indication of series order on the coverfirst few pages for n00bs like me Despite this confusion I really liked the storyline and mythology I picked this up at a con because it sounded cool reminiscent of Nikita mixed with River s evil academy in Firefly I found the history of the Dominion Zerg and Confederacy really intriguing and I want to learn about the race traitors and other alien species I also loved how the book opened and closed with letters it s an unusual device but I like how it changes up the narration As far as characters go I love Lio He s so kooky and the glimpses we got into his backstory seem tragic I m indifferent to Nova she s generally inoffensive but her inability to work in a team annoys me I think Delta is adorable but Dylanna needs to die a fiery death Aal is wonderfully sleazy and Kath is also inoffensive but generally uite useless Emperor Mengsk is somewhat of an enigma I m guessing we won t see him until the very end Overall I loved the mythology and characters but unfortunately can t rate this book higher due to issues with series order If you ve played Starcraft or read the previous books you ll get a lot enjoyment out of this text It has a great premise but ultimately fails as a standalone book and I can only hope the next 2 books fill the gaps in my knowledge

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Starcraft Characters  2 Review Starcraft Los fantasmas son el arma más sofisticado del Dominio agentes terranos de élite capaces de leer el pensamiento de hacerse invisibles y de muchas cosas más Existe un lugar ue posee la tecnología y la experiencia neccesarias para enseñar a estos individuos enigmáticos sus ta. Starcraft Ghost Academy Cuenta la historia de Nova y Tosh dos ghosts o fantasmas unidad lite de las fuerzas Terran en el mundo futurista de StarcraftEn el primer volumen conocemos los or genes de Nova y c mo fue salvada de un grupo de pandilleros ue se encuentran en los suburbios de Tarsonis para convertirse en una fantasma del Dominio Terran liderado por Arcturus MengskLa historia narra sobre todo la capacitaci n ue recibe en diferentes cursos para convertirse en una fantasma al lado de sus compa eros de euipo el Euipo Azul Tosh Lio y Kath con los cuales le ser muy dif cil trabajar en conjunto pues Nova es muy h bil y orgullosa Muy entretenido conocer la historia de Nova cuando era joven y entrenaba as como de Tosh un buen l der pero ue finalmente sabremos como en el juego llega a tomar rumbo diferente Forensic Analysis and DNA in Criminal Investigations: Including Cold Cases Solved bil y orgullosa Muy entretenido conocer la historia de Nova cuando era joven y entrenaba as como de Tosh un Constantine and the Council of Nicaea: Defining Orthodoxy and Heresy in Christianity, 325 CE buen l der pero ue finalmente sabremos como en el juego llega a tomar rumbo diferente