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  • Getting to Know ArcGIS
  • Michael Law, Amy Collins
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  • 05 February 2018
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Michael Law, Amy Collins ´ 9 review

Read Getting to Know ArcGIS Read Î E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Michael Law, Amy Collins Michael Law, Amy Collins ´ 9 review Getting to Know ArcGIS fourth edition is a comprehensive introduction to the features and tools of ArcGIS for Desktop Through h. I am using this for a 10 week Intro to GIS course at my university I love it It could not be clear and easy to follow I ve found very few mistakes and they have usually been misplaced images that don t affect the walkthrough The only other area of improvement would be the index it s not necessarily the easiest to find where you learned something in an exercise so I recommend taking notes The glossary is clear and thoroughI bought this rather than renting and I m happy I did since I expect to use it for reference If you expect to continue on to advanced books that may cover similar ground or if your memory is super sharp renting may be a good option though the six month ArcGIS license seems like it might be worth the price of buying new The exercises go by very uickly and it would be easy to do the whole book in a few weeks if you were committedI am using this with ArcMap 1051 and have had no issues with compatibility However make sure you check your system reuirements if you are new to ArcGIS This is especially true for Mac users

Read Getting to Know ArcGIS Getting to Know ArcGIS

Read Getting to Know ArcGIS Read Î E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Michael Law, Amy Collins Michael Law, Amy Collins ´ 9 review Es on map sharing and georeferencing new datasets and scenarios and an introduction to ArcGIS Pro a powerful new part of ArcGIS. I largely learnt ArcGIS by myself playing with models and reading forums As it became clear that I needed to use it for my research I felt the need to buy a book to ensure I was using the software as possible Layout At 700 pages there is certainly a lot of detail in the book It has a very clean presentation with a clear headings a nice modern appearance plenty of figures The writing is generally very easy to follow Content The book is aimed at people getting started with ArcGIS It therefore starts with pretty basic details such as setting up models and displaying dataAs the book progresses it discusses some of the geoprocessing tools which can be used As GIS software can be used in so many different disciplines the book does a great job in keeping it general enough to be useful regardless of your background The tools are demonstrated with a large number of worked examples and the supporting files which can be downloaded allow you to carry out the same processThe book touches upon some of the advanced features of ArcGIS such as the ModelBuilder and using Spatial Analyst It is useful to be made aware of these features and helps provide the reader with a basic understanding Who Should Buy It I think this is a great book for any person looking to learn GIS uickly While nothing actually beats playing around with some real data this book gives some great knowledge which can help reduce the time it takes to learn GISI also think it is a great read for anyone who thinks they know GIS well but may want to fill gaps in their knowledge as there are a lots of little hints and tricks shared in the book which can help make many processes easier I personally discovered uite a few features which I hadn t known so it was definitely worth the readA great read and it is a book I would certainly recommend

Read Î E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Michael Law, Amy Collins

Read Getting to Know ArcGIS Read Î E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Michael Law, Amy Collins Michael Law, Amy Collins ´ 9 review Ands on exercises readers will discover use make and share maps with meaningful content The fourth edition includes new exercis. This is really of a workbook to be used with included CD The examples use real maps and there are color illustrations It s probably good if you are going to be manipulating existing maps and working with aerial photos Unfortunately what I wanted was a book that would give some insight into the way this program works and how to use the drawing functions I also hoped that it could be a reference book as my co workers and I Microstation and AutoCad users get up to speed with an unfamiliar program The book includes a glossary and an index but I have not found much about the many icons Hence the three of five stars