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Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB à Charlotte Lamb Free read Love Games 106 Librarian's note See alternate cover edition with this ISBN hereIf she was nervous it was uinn's doingFor the past two years Dinah had strained every nerve to break new ground with her award winning TV series And she. This may be my first DNF with Charlotte Lamb and it s of a case of it s not you it s me I just grew bored and annoyed with a pretty hysterical h who is obsessed with her grown sister s love life and paranoid with the idea that EVERYBODY and their uncle is trying to sabotage her brilliant career as a TV producer Well of course given the times there is uite a bit of rampant sexism at the office so she was justified in thinking that way but did CL have to turn her into a raving lunatic who basically imploded under the stress of her overworked lifeWe do have the CL touch so that was nice as always All the Edwardian motifs phony tourist traps skewered ruthlessly against the real thing the fashion catalogue of evening versus office wear the endless pots of coffee and tea heroine does seem to have a bit of food fixation bordering on anorexia and seems to subsist on very little in this one No melon appetizer with filet of sole before my DNF point although we did get a rather florid passage about some succulent old fashioned Dickensian pink roast beef shudder

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Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB à Charlotte Lamb Free read Love Games 106 Reful you'll burn out And he'd get what he was after Her seriesDinah was up against a dynamo and she was afraid uinn reminded her of the cold bloodedly ambitious man who'd almost broken her heart to further his caree. RE Love Games otherwise subtitled as Just because you are paranoid that doesn t mean they aren t out to get you the h in this one is a trip I have read this book several times now and I still debate whether she is neurotically paranoid or justified in taking a defensive positionI have to compromise and say it is a bit of both The h works as a documentary tv producer and she is REALLY focused on being the best in her niche She also works with a bunch of sexist jerks and she also had a love affair where the guy an actor used her to meet people who could give him parts and then callously dumped her She has her younger sister living with her and going to school as well but mostly she works and tries to keep ahead of the competition she doesn t dateThen the H shows up as another producer and he is very attracted to her Unfortunately and probably deliberately knowing CL the H makes all kinds of remarks that could be interpreted as pretty misogynistic they are definitely sexist and the H is theoretically trying to get her to go out with him I do find it rather funny that in CL country in HPlandia a sexual harrasser and a guy trying to get a date because he is head over heels both sound EXACTLY the same so perhaps she doesn t see a big difference After several mini confrontations and the H backing the h into a pond where she gets totally soaked that ends with an almost total seduction by the H on the host s bed and the H repeatedly criticizing her for overwork and her program ideas the h is a mental mess The H is pressurizing her pretty heavily to be with him her ex that used her is chasing her again and her sister is being really secretive about the new guy she is seeing She is very attracted to the H and definitely has the lust thing going on but it appears that he might be dating her sister her ex is being all sorts of flattering and she can t figure out why and the H is acting like a jealous caveman every time he sees her with the ex She is getting tenser and tenser and finally she snaps when her boss wants her to flatter a program contact and she doesn t want to so the boss says the H can do it This is what the h feared that the H was chasing her to take over her position and she has a major meltdown The H winds up taking her home and they have a pretty heated conversation with the h making a ton of accusations She does go overboard but on the other hand the H is acting very suspicious as is her sister and her boss so she had good instincts even if it was about the wrong things Turns out her 21 year old sister and her 47 year old boss are dating the lil sis is very gung ho but knows the family will disapprove The boss feels guilty for liking a girl so much younger and the H is actually leaving the company for a better position and wants the h to consider moving on in her career herself He was acting as a bit of a go between for the lil sis and the boss but apparently really was trying to help the h even though he really sounded like a harrasser for most of the book The former flame just wanted to use the h to meet this big director she is interviewing but the h thought he was a bit pathetic for doing it and can finally say she is over himOnce the H tells her he is leaving the h decides she loves him after all and they wind up in bed with an HEA the boss and sis are going to meet the parents and the h is willing to consider moving on it her career So after practically having an nervous breakdown love and the truth save the day and once again romance rules in HPlandiaThis one was not one of CL s best but there was plenty of tension at times it really was hard to tell who was doing what to who plus it was a toss up if the h was just nuts or really having a problem This is one of the few books that I would call romantic suspense without some sort of criminal element or mystery involved It really was literally a romantic suspense in terms of the H really being an H and not a jerk or was the h just going completely mental I gave it fiftyfifty odds on if the story was going to end in a mental institution or at a wedding and this time the wedding won

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Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB à Charlotte Lamb Free read Love Games 106 'd done it successfully until uinn Howard joined the London teamHe constantly watched her for signs of stress and strain and Dinah was starting to crack under the pressure You're overworked he warned If you're not ca. Different from your traditional HP but uintessential Lamb Young woman is a successful producer for a small production company She constantly feels threatened by the men in the ranks convinced that someone is trying to steal her position or get her sacked The hero has been working with the heroine for two years and has watched her physical and mental decline He has tried repeatedly to get her to take some much needed RR but his good intentions are viewed with skepticism from the heroine Though we aren t privy to the heroe s thoughts his actions speak louder than wordsFor the most part this would have been a 5 star read compelling and angst driven just the way I like them However the heroine s insecurities along with her paranoia were so OTT that it dragged the story down and started to wear on my nerves Recommend with caution