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  • The Single Helix A Turn Around the World of Science
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  • 06 December 2019
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READ ✓ The Single Helix A Turn Around the World of Science Thusiasm as he sheds light on unexpected corners of knowledge combine to produce science writing at its very bestFrom chaos in the heavens to the fight against creationism from optical illusions in tartan to the mathematics of elections and what rules the sex lives of ca. Meh This is a collection of short essays which are easily digestible and often on interesting topics but they don t go far enough into anything for me Magpie like as my brain can be when it comes to interesting facts this was just too scanty

SUMMARY The Single Helix A Turn Around the World of ScienceThe Single Helix A Turn Around the World of Science

READ ✓ The Single Helix A Turn Around the World of Science Trained to know ever about even less but here Steve Jones sets out deliberately to explore subjects in which he is emphatically not an expert although his favourite snail the single Helix of his title does poke in a tentacle here and there His insatiable curiosity and en. They re OK but the essays are just a bit short so buy the time we ve had the introduction and a jokey bit and an ending thought there isn t space for much else

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READ ✓ The Single Helix A Turn Around the World of Science THE SINGLE HELIX is a miscellany of a hundred easy pieces about science It brings to life a vast diversity of subjects united under the banner of scientific truth the universal solvent that brings clarity to almost all the mysteries of the world we live inScientists are. I m really fond of Yum Cha despite the fact that it has been years since I ve eaten Yum Cha but I really like the idea of it Lots of little dishes all uite different from each other that come in no particular order and are small enough for you to try things you wouldn t normally dream of trying if that was all you were going to get but it is okay given you are only going to have a bite or two to be adventurousNot too different from reading friends reviews here on Good Reads I am pretty unlikely to ever read very many books on ship building say but I always read Eric s book reviews on ships and they are invariably fascinatingThis is a book of maybe 100 three page essays on funny little things to do with science A kind of Yum Cha for the brain really The essays are just long enough and some of them are not just amusing but fascinating tooHe is a biologist so naturally there are freuent digs at creationism par for the course while serving an essential social function There are also lots of witty asides one of my favourites is a uote by Dr Johnson who said of visiting the Giant s Causeway in Northern Ireland something I intend to do before I die and hence I have reason enough to put it off for a while longer Worth seeing yes but not worth going to see He also does the fish ghoti thing however he says that ghoti also water gh as in plough o as in cord and ti as in tin Unfortunately I can t get the er sound out of the ti in tin but perhaps it is an accent thing one of the main problems with phonetic spelling in English I would suspect There are lots of fascinating factoids along the way too did you know the death rate dues to heart disease and stroke increases by 10% for every 3 degrees drop in temperature That our fight against infant mortality this century has been so successful that if tomorrow all deaths of people in Britain below the age of 50 were banned the average life expectancy would only increase by one year That the onset of puberty isn t set by age but by body mass hence why we are seeing the age of the onset of puberty plummeting while our kids grow increasingly chubbyBut the best article in this book was Vultures Cultures and Criticism where he defines evolutionary psychology as the palace of strawless bricks Now if that isn t a uote worth remembering it is hard to know what isI ve read uite a few of this man s books but all too long ago to do reviews of them here much like most of Gould s wonderful books of essays which I would need to give five stars each to as they than anything else introduced me to biology in all its remarkable awe and wonder This was a fun read and often just enough