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  • Hardcover
  • 256
  • Honk If You Hate Me
  • Deborah Halverson
  • English
  • 03 August 2020
  • 9780385733939

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FREE READ Honk If You Hate Me Deborah Halverson ✓ 9 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Ã Honk If You Hate Me Ng bumper sticker sayings instead of dealing with people But disappearing is never that easy especially with blue hair And in her efforts to retreat Mona has forgotten the oldest bumper sticker in the book No matter how deep you bury the past it always climbs out to bite you in the butt From the Hardcover edition. When Monalisa Kent was six years old she accidentally burned down the futon factory which employed most of the townspeople including her father In the ten years that have elapsed apparently the townspeople still hate her for this accident even though they have recovered economically by focusing on the university and its students and providing endless fast food joints Every year the local TV station does a profile of the fire and the heroics of Mac Kent Mona s dad who saved Mona and her best friend Paco Glenn from the raging inferno and who hasn t been the same since his wife s death Mona also collects bu

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FREE READ Honk If You Hate Me Deborah Halverson ✓ 9 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Ã Honk If You Hate Me Everyone in Muessa Junction hates Monalisa Kent After all she was the thickwit who blowtorched the futon factory the town's heart soul and bread and butter So what if she was just six at the time Junctioners don't forgive and forgetAnd now it's the 10th anniversary of the blaze that fried Mona's supposed life In. I glimpsed this book on a cart on a library trip to return a borrowed DVD The cover caught my eye so I read the inside of the jacket and the story sounded interestingI know this was a book for teens so I didn t expect a long detailed book This isn t a bad book really The gist of the book can be summarized in the jacket flap as well as the description here on so it was pretty straightforward for me This book is this author s first effort and I could tell before I looked up this author because of the information on her in the backflap This is not a bad effort for a first book I was pleasantly surprised at the l

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FREE READ Honk If You Hate Me Deborah Halverson ✓ 9 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Ã Honk If You Hate Me The past 10 years her bitter town resurrected itself through the divine intervention of the fast food industry But there is no absolution for Mona they still hate the sorry sight of her And Mona doesn't like them eitherAt 16 she's dyed her hair blue found her place at the local tattoo parlor and taken to memorizi. I really struggled to finish this book even with its short length Often zoned out while reading and couldn t uite keep track of all the characters and who was who I thought the relationship between Mona and Glenn could have contained their arch fell flat Not a terrible book but missed the mark